Case Details

photography service
  • Client KMM Hotel
  • Date August 2023
  • Category Content Creation
  • Website

KMM Hotel x Emerald Marketing

In our collaboration with KMM Hotel, our task was to create engaging content for their social media platforms. With the client granting us creative freedom, our mission was to develop vibrant lifestyle photos to enhance the hotel’s image. To accomplish this, we enlisted two models to capture various scenes on the hotel premises, each highlighting the distinct features that make KMM Hotel unique.

How we found a solution?

Our strategy revolved around showcasing the hotel’s exceptional location, offering breathtaking views of the historic Tbilisi old town. We accentuated the high-quality breakfast experience that sets a positive tone for guests’ days. Additionally, we highlighted the modern, multifunctional vibes of Tbilisi itself, where tourists can immerse themselves in history, explore local culture, shop, indulge in delicious cuisine, and enjoy vibrant nightlife, whether alone or with friends.

For our visual style, we opted for a chic and vibrant theme, incorporating fashion elements that blended a fusion of colors and emotions. We seamlessly integrated vintage details with modern amenities to underscore the hotel’s unique position at the intersection of history and modernity in this dynamic city. Our goal was to present KMM Hotel as a destination where the past and present harmoniously converge, creating an irresistible allure for prospective guests. It’s a place where guests can relax and, at the same time, discover the local culture, celebrate special occasions, or revel in the everlasting beauty of life.